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Independent Living

Terraces & Highlands FAQs

What does “No Entry Fee” mean?
Residents moving into the Terraces & Highlands are not required to deposit or invest a large sum of money to lease an apartment. Our renewable apartment leases are for a 12 month period and require a security deposit equal to one month’s rent due at the time of lease signing.

Do you allow pets?
The Highlands is a pet friendly building allowing cats and dogs adhering to specific guidelines. There is an extra pet security deposit and rental fee associated with having a pet. Ask for more details.

How much is the monthly rent?
The Terraces and Highlands offers an outstanding  value and affordable monthly lease rates. We have four different apartment types. Unit rent varies based on size and amenities and vary between one and two bedrooms. A limited number of units are available at discounted rents for seniors who meet certain income qualifications based on availability. Contact our Terraces or Highlands Resident Manager for details.

Does my rent increase upon renewal?
Rents are reviewed on an annual basis according to lease renewal and are adjusted to accommodate for cost of living and general increases in expenses, upkeep of the building interior and exterior. Historically, rent increases average 2-4% per year.

Can I continue to live at the Terraces and Highlands if my health changes?
We ask that all residents be able to maintain an independent lifestyle. We do allow home care, housekeeping or meals brought to you as needed as long as you can live safely and independently.

Can I move to Arbor Village if I need assisted living?
The Terraces and Highlands residents have the option to move directly to Arbor Village as their needs change easing the transition and creating peace of mind. Your lease ends upon move-out if you are moving into Arbor Village.